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They Might Be Giants

On Saturday night I went to see They Might Be Giants perform live at The Pageant. The show (my 4th) was absolutely awesome. The setlist (available at This Might Be A Wiki) naturally included a large selection of songs (9 in all) from their new album, The Else, but it also included 4 fan favorites from Flood, and 2 each from Apollo 18 and The Spine. Particular highlights included…

  • Opening with “I’m Impressed”
  • “The Shadow Government”
  • “The Cap’m”
  • “Spider”
  • “The Guitar”
  • “Birdhouse In Your Soul”
  • “Particle Man”
  • “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” with an amazing opening guitar solo
  • “Damn Good Times” as the final song

Even the opening band, Oppenheimer was good. Their music was enjoyable, and they did a really good job warming up the crowd.

Oh, lastly, I wore my <GEEK> shirt from ThinkGeek and got two compliments… albeit from other guys.

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I recently went on a shopping spree of sorts, buying some interesting and mostly useful stuff. For example, there’s…

The man purse messenger bag from The Gap.


Yes, I actually bought something from The Gap. It was a little scary to be so trendy. However, I’m comforted by the fact that I’m still more than a little intimidated by those Hollister Co. stores. Those places freak me out. I feel like if I ever went in, I may never find my way out.

Also balancing out my trendy Gap messenger bag is my new <GEEK> shirt from Think Geek, which you have to be somewhat of a geek to fully understand.

front (l) & back (r)

Finally, rounding out my shopping spree is my new wallet, the “All-Ett billfold”:


What makes this wallet so special is that it is made from durable, rip-stop nylon, so that, even when full, it is thinner than my old wallet empty.

old empty (l) & new full (r)

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Here is a list of April Fools gags that various websites are pulling on their users today.


Find any other cool April Fools jokes on the internet? Post them in the comments.

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