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According to the Swedish Chef, how do you make chocolate mousse?

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Zee oozeer dey, I recelled thet vhee I ves a keed, oone-a ooff my fefureete-a segments ooff “Zee Mooppet Shoo” ves zee Svedeesh Cheff. Noo, I hefen’t seee “Zee Mooppet Shoo” in eges, su I deceeded tu see-a vhet zee internet cuoold toorn up in oorder tu teke-a a treep doon memury lune-a. Vhet I fuoond is foorzeer pruuff thet zee internet is joost a geeunt repuseetury ooff useless theengs. Speceefficelly, I fuoond zee Incheffereezer. Thees prugrem, vheech is efeeeleble-a oon a fereeety ooff cumpooteeng pletffurms, veell cunfert Ingleesh text intu Muck Svedeesh sooeeteble-a fur zee Svedeesh Cheff heemselff. I elsu fuoond a seete-a veet leenks tu luts ooff cleeps ooff zee Svedeesh Cheff frum “Zee Mooppet Shoo”. Bork Bork Bork!


The other day, I recalled that when I was a kid, one of my favorite segments of “The Muppet Show” was the Swedish Chef. Now, I haven’t seen “The Muppet Show” in ages, so I decided to see what the internet could turn up in order to take a trip down memory lane. What I found is further proof that the internet is just a giant repository of useless things. Specifically, I found the Encheferizer. This program, which is available on a variety of computing platforms, will convert English text into Mock Swedish suitable for the Swedish Chef himself. I also found a site with links to lots of clips of the Swedish Chef from “The Muppet Show”.

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