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Several weeks ago I found a copy of Entertainment Weekly in my mailbox. Naturally, my first thought was that it belonged to one of my neighbors and the mail-person had accidently put it in my box. When my eye scanned down to the address label to see who the correct recipient is, I was surprised to see my name and address.

“Why am I getting a copy of Entertainment Weekly?”

And then I noticed that the address label indicated that the subscription end date was one year in the future.

“How did I get a year-long subscription to Entertainment Weekly?”

Not that I’m complaining—Entertainment Weekly has some decent stuff in it. I’m just curious if I have an anonymous benefactor out there.

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I went to the supermarket the other day and here’s one of the coupons I got at the checkout.

Save $1.00

Excluding products prohibited by law? What? I can’t use this coupon next week when I stop by Schnucks to stock up on crack, automatic firearms, and black market kidneys? Dang!

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