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As time marches on, I’m becoming an ever greater Lord of the Rings fan. For example, as I’ve already mentioned in a previous entry, I intend to learn Elvish (Sindarin to be exact) this summer. (As a side note, a post on Elfling this past week alerted me to a collection of Sindarin lessons put together by Gildor-Inglorion at The Council of Elrond.) However, now my obsession has extended into the realm of movie replicas.

I was talking to Kyrie on IM a little while ago, and I inquired of her about some references in her blog to doing various things with “Sting”. It turns out that she picked up an unauthorized replica of Frodo’s sword Sting on sale this past summer. Being the curious sort, I popped over to eBay to see if there were any Sting replicas on there, and if so, how much they went for. A quick search turned up a ton of them, both authorized and unauthorized, and a wide selection of other LotR(Lord of the Rings) swords as well. The sword that really caught my eye was Narsil, the sword of Elendil, which Isildur took up to cut the One Ring of power from Sauron’s hand, so as a reward for surviving midterms (although how well I survived is yet to be determined), I decided to make use of my entertainment budget to buy myself a Narsil replica. Now, the official authorized replicas made by United Cutlery were going for about $150, which is a bit out of the price range of an unemployed seminary student, even if it is $100 or so off retail. However, the unauthorized replicas (the replicas of the replica, if you will) were considerably cheaper, so I decided to go that route. I ended up paying only $36 plus shipping for my Narsil, which includes a decorative wall plaque to hang it on.
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While we’re on the topic of The Lord of the Rings, what do you get when you mix a boatload of LotR references with gangsta rap? According to a recent post to the Elfling mailing-list, you get The Lords of the Rhymes (caution: explicit lyrics).

And while we’re talking about weird takes on Tolkien, what do you get when you mix The Hobbit, Leonard Nimoy, and a bunch of girls with pointy ears? Apparently you get The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins. Ummm… yeah… ’nuff said ’bout that.

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I guess I haven’t really told too many people yet, but I aspire to learn Elvish. In particular, I want to learn Sindarin (or grey-elven), the common elven tongue, even though there is much more information readily available about Quenya, the ancient high-elven language. Over the past couple months I’ve been collecting a useful array of bookmarks on the subject of Tolkien languages. Some of the best finds have been Ardalambion, which has an impressive collection of resources and useful links; The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship, which publishes the journal Vinyar Tengwar; and Gwaith I-Phethdain, which has some good resources and a linguistic analysis for every non-English line in the Lord of the Rings movies.

The other day, I was watching some of appendix disc 2 from The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition, and I happened to reach the section on the added scene where Aragorn sings part of The Lay of Lúthien. Much to my delight, this segment included the movie’s language guru Róisín Carty reading the Sindarin text aloud while the camera showed the script. I hadn’t seen that text on Gwaith I-Phethdain (turns out it’s under the soundtrack section), so I was excited to have a new Sindarin text with spoken example to work with as I begin to learn Elvish pronunciation.

Tinúviel elvanui
Elleth alfirin edhelhael
O hon ring finnil fuinui
A renc gelebrin thiliol

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Before the first Lord of the Rings movie came out, I made a pledge. I pledged that before seeing each movie I would read the corresponding sections of the books, since I had never read Lord of the Rings before. Last year I did just fine, except that I hadn’t read the portion of book 3 that was stuck into the first movie—not that I could have anticipated that. This year I found myself a bit behind. The movie had been released and I still wasn’t even halfway through The Two Towers. However, I figured I could plow through the rest after my finals were finished and before seeing it on Sunday with my Dad and Kyrie as planned. Well, the end of finals came, and searching for a way to celebrate, I called my friend Willy. His first suggestion: go see Lord of the Rings. The offer was too tempting, so I took him up on it and thus broke my pledge. What do I have to say for myself? Wow! That movie rocked! Helm’s Deep rocked! Gollum rocked! The Ents really rocked! I can’t wait to see it again on Sunday.

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Anyone care to guess where I am with respect to reading through The Lord of the Rings?
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