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I found this gem in the Seminary book sale. These kids don’t look too happy about prayer.

That’s right, kids—prayer shouldn’t be enjoyable.

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If you’ve read my friend Greg Johnson’s book The World According to God: A Biblical View of Culture, Work, Science, Sex & Everything Else then you’ve read about Idolo Lluvia. For those not in the know, allow me to explain. You see, Greg has two gods. One is the living and true God whom he and all other Christians worship. The other, Idolo Lluvia, is an 18 inch terra cotta Mayan rain god that he got at Pier One, and that he uses only as a handy illustration. This morning I borrowed Idolo Lluvia and Greg’s illustration (with his permission, of course) for the first lesson of the Memorial Pres. communicants class, which I am teaching.

Now, the illustration goes as follows. After some introductory remarks to the class, I began talking about how great God is. For example, I talked about how he’s always there when I need him, and how he can go with me wherever I go. Then I proclaimed that, in fact, he happened to be with me in the room at that very moment. Immediately, I reached below the table, pulled out Idolo Lluvia, and plunked him down on the table. The kids stared at him speechless for a moment before one of them finally exclaimed, “That’s not God!” I immediately responded asking, “How do you know that’s not God?” and we launched into a discussion on the attributes of God.

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