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I like to think that I’m a safe driver. My record has been clean—no accidents my fault in the 10+ years that I’ve been driving. However, on Sunday, November 25th, I skidded on a wet on-ramp into—and partially over—a curb. Don’t worry, I’m fine (there was nothing but grass on the other side of the curb). In my defense, something was definitely wrong with that spot of pavement. Mine were not the only tire tracks in the mud, and while I was visually inspecting my car on the scene, an SUV came hurtling over curb and bounding through the grass up alongside me (thankfully not at me).

Apart from some damage to the one wheel, my car looked fine. However, as soon as I started driving it, I knew something was wrong. At the very least it needed a new alignment. I took it in for service the following Wednesday and hoped an alignment and maybe a wheel was all that would be required to get me back on the road. Instead, my suspension was mucked up to the tune of a couple thousand dollars (parts & labor). That afternoon I made my first collision claim with my insurance company.

So now I’m waiting (and waiting) while the insurance company processes the claim and figures out if it’s worth it to fix my 10 year old Neon. It seems so stupid that such a little thing could total my car. On top of that, the really annoying aspect is that I just sunk a good chunk of change earlier this year into fixing the A/C system and into preventative maintenance so the car would last me a few more years.

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