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How many times a day do you…

1. Brush your teeth?


2. Shower?

Once, occasionally twice (if I get dirty after the first).

3. Check your E-mail?


4. Check LJ Facebook?

At least twice, and probably too much!

5. Eat?

3 meals plus a snack or two.

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Have you ever noticed that habits are very powerful things? Have you ever tried changing just one seemingly insignificant aspect of your life that is actually a deeply ingrained habit? The other day I switched the pocket in which I carry my most frequently used keys.

The contents of my pockets were very simple. I had my wallet on one side. Then on the other side I had my two sets of keys: apartment, car, and mailbox keys on my car remote keychain; and my miscellaneous keys in a key case. The other day, however, I decided to add something to the mix. I wanted to start carrying personal cards (like business cards, only not business related) with me, so I picked up a cheap business card case on eBay to carry them in. I was then faced with the question of where I should carry this new item.
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