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Here is a list of April Fools gags that various websites are pulling on their users today.


Find any other cool April Fools jokes on the internet? Post them in the comments.

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I love Google! Not only is it an awesome search engine, but it is also a really cool diversion if you have a couple minutes to waste. Have you ever tried a Google search on yourself or your friends? You might get some interesting results. Take me for example. If you do a Google search on “Steve Jamieson” you will find out that:

  • I’m the new manager for the Queanbeyan Business Enterprise Centre in Australia.
  • I’m the Capital Region Employment Council Small Business Assistance Officer for Australia.
  • I work for the Men’s Health Forum in England.
  • I’m the Policy and Practice Adviser for Sexual Health for the Royal College of Nurses (RCN).
  • I wrote the Forward in the book Men’s Health by Harrison and Karen Dignan.
  • I like music by Rick Wakeman.
  • I’m the Sports Director for NBC25 in Hagerstown, Maryland.
  • I once headed a wrestling federation known as the Canuck Heat Zone (CHZ), which has evolved into the SWF.
  • I play Rugby at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.
  • I sell Real Estate in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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