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The last final period is over. All three finals are complete, and all my work is turned in. The semester is over. Also, I can now talk about my finals all I want. (In order to make the schedule-your-own final thing fair, we have to promise not to talk about them until after finals week is over.)

A funny thing happened the other day when I was taking my Christ & Salvation final. For one of my answers, I wanted to talk about how two things could be simultaneous, yet causally related, so I used an example from one of the books that we read for class. The example was turning on a light. The two events were flicking the light switch, and the light coming on. The events are simultaneous, yet causally related. As I was writing this, however, my inner physicist suddenly jumped out and started talking about how the events weren’t exactly simultaneous, and how the temporal measurement of events depends on the observer’s reference frame. Then he started drawing space-time diagrams. Since I had plenty of time left, I sat there patiently as my inner physicist lectured me on special relativity, and when he was done, I went on with my final.

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Although I had originally planned to take my finals on Wednesday, Thrusday, and Friday, I felt well enough prepared for my Biblical Introduction final that I took it today. (I really love this whole self-scheduled final policy. I love it! I love it! I love it!) Next up: Christ and Salvation!

However, in the meantime, for some reason I randomly decided to clean my shower this afternoon. Sometimes I confuse even myself.

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