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Here’s how I made the goggles for my Dr. Horrible costume, starting with the green Fibre-Metal VG800-H5 welding goggles.

  1. Removed lenses, vents, and elastic strap.
  2. Washed with soap and water.
  3. Roughed up the surface with a medium-grain sandpaper.
  4. Coated with Mod Podge. This firmed up the plastic and gave the paint a good surface to adhere to.
  5. Painted with several coats of acrylic paint. I used a mixture of Anita’s Silver Metallic Craft Paint and Plaid Folk Art Metallic Gunmetal Gray to get a nice aluminum color.
  6. Dry brushed on splotches of a rusty color, paying particular attention to corners. For this I used a mixture of dark copper, red brown, khaki, and little bit of white.
  7. Using a foam brush, I dry brushed on some more of the aluminum color to tone down some of the rust color, making it look more like a tarnish. I used broad strokes to avoid getting down into the corners.
  8. Filed down the edges of the lenses slightly to make it easier to get them back in the frame.
  9. With the extra thickness added by the layers of Mod Podge and paint, the vents no longer fit onto the goggles. I had to trim off the lip of the vents leaving the stem, and then glue them in place with Mod Podge.

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