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Previously, I wrote about my friend Beth getting me hooked on Guitar Hero. So in celebration of being halfway done my MLS, I gave in to my new Beth-induced addiction and purchased a Guitar Hero bundle. Right now I’m working on mastering the medium difficulty in general, and “No One Knows” as made famous by Queens of the Stone Age from Guitar Hero 1 in particular.

Here’s a pic of my co-worker Kenny and I rocking out in the break room.

Playing Guitar Hero

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June 9, 2007

My Mom having flown to St. Louis earlier in the week, we hop in my car and started drive to PA. We make it all the way to the Eastern edge of Ohio before stopping for the night. We arrive in West Grove the following afternoon.

June 12, 2007

I drive up to Lancaster to have lunch with Paula at the Papaya Grill—a pan asian restaurant in the Park City mall. Over lunch we have a nice discussion of copyright law, amongst other topics.

Afterwards I head over to the F&M campus and check out all changes to the campus. Lots of stuff has changed, and yet it still felt familiar. I buy a nice new F&M window sticker for the car in the new bookstore.

June 13-16, 2007

I attend the American Theological Library Association conference at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Philadelphia along with 3 of my coworkers. On Saturday, one of my coworkers takes a fall on the campus of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary and breaks her leg in 5–6 places. Ouch!

Guitar Hero Cover

June 19, 2007

I visit my friend Beth, who introduces me to Guitar Hero. Once again, Beth gets me hooked on something. (Beth has previously turned me on to anime, Dance Dance Revolution, and Fluxx.)

June 20, 2007

I start my day by driving down to Baltimore, MD to visit my friend from college Wendy. Wendy and I take her daughter Laura to the National Zoo via the DC Metro. Wendy’s husband Jeff had to work that day, so I get to play substitute dad, helping to push Laura’s stroller and pointing out animals.

Visiting Wendy
Wendy, Laura, Me

After spending the afternoon with Wendy and Laura, I drive up the road a little bit to have dinner with my Internet friend Liesel and her family. After dinner, I introduce Liesel and her sister Abigail to Setters of Catan. I narrowly beat Liesel by one point, and manage to get her hooked on the game. (Now I’m getting people hooked on stuff!) In return, Liesel introduces me to P.D.Q. Bach.

LieselAbigail & Liesel
Liesel; Abigail (l) & Liesel (r)

June 22, 2007

My Dad and I set out for St. Louis.

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Just a few seconds after walking in the door of my apartment after church this morning, my phone rang. The caller was an obviously distraught Elvenyukiryu—my good friend from high school. She had just learned that an 18-year-old friend of hers from work had earlier in the morning murdered the parents of the 14-year-old girl he was secretly dating, and then fled with the girl, either having kidnapped her or taking her willingly. (Follow the story as it breaks: html | rss.)

For some reason yet to be determined, this young man took a seriously wrong turn in life that culminated in the death of two people, the possible kidnapping of a minor, orphaned children, and friends left in a world that doesn’t make sense anymore—shattered lives all around. What possesses an otherwise normal and well-adjusted person to commit murder?

And yet, what depths of sin exist within all our souls? Is not the evil necessary to commit murder present within us all in one form or another? Is it not only by the grace of God that such evil is restrained?

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My Dad’s flight got in Friday morning, and despite his suitcases having popped open, he was soon in a cab on his way to meet me at the seminary. He got to campus just in time to join me for Acts & Paul. That evening, my Dad and I went to the symphony where we enjoyed a fine Singles Awareness Day… er… Valentine’s Day program featuring a feisty French conductor.

On Saturday, I did some homework and it snowed. Granted, it wasn’t as much as the east coast received, which Kyrie has adequately documented, but it was enough to make driving on Sunday morning a tad treacherous. Sunday was, of course, my public preaching debut, so I had no choice but to venture out. On the other hand, the snow cut church attendance in half, which made my preaching debut a little less intimidating.

My preaching debut turned out really well. I was very nervous while I was sitting in front of the congregation waiting for the sermon time, but once I got into the pulpit I got into the groove pretty quickly. I was pleased with the final manuscript of my sermon, into which I had put a lot of effort improving during the preceding week, and I got a lot of positive response from the people I talked to after the service. I am looking forward to being able to preach at Memorial again sometime.

Hopefully, I will soon have the manuscript posted over in the documents section, along with an MP3 of my preaching it for those of you who couldn’t be there.

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On Friday, I got a surprise phone call from Kyrie telling me that my high school friend Aria (who formerly went by the nickname Squeaky) was throwing a Christmas party that very night. This was quite exciting because I hadn’t seen Aria in quite a while. I think the last time I saw her was when I ran into her in the parking lot of Acme while I was home on break sometime after starting seminary. Prior to that I probably only saw her a couple times while in college. Anyway, after dinner I headed over to Aria’s house. The guest list included a couple people I already knew, and a couple I didn’t. For the duration of the evening we lounged in Aria’s living room discussing various things including a show we found on TV about bad drivers (mostly British), and how much trouble the world would be in if Kyrie’s mile-wide evil streak wasn’t countered by her equally powerful conscience.

On Saturday, I went down to Wilmington to visit my good friends Kevin and Laura Koslowsky. Kevin started attending Covenant the same year that I did and lived in the same apartment complex, however he transferred to Westminster (the Philadelphia one) after our first year in seminary because he got a really good internship offer from Faith Presbyterian Church in Wilmington. This was my first opportunity to see them since I helped them pack up their apartment in August. This was also my first opportunity to see David, their baby, who I had only previously seen in utero. (Incidentally, Kevin and Laura get the honor of being the first to freak me out over the concept of people my age having children.) After a wonderful lunch with the three Koslowskys, Kevin gave me the grand tour of the church, told me about Manger Ball™, let me hold David, and gave me a bag of gummy worms. It was a fantastic visit, and went way too fast.

On Sunday, I tucked another first under my belt: I led a church service. Since I was going to be home and would have nothing of great import to do, I sent an email to my pastor at home and offered my services as a seminarian. In turn, he offered me the opportunity to lead the traditional church service this past Sunday while he was away and the church’s intern was preaching. As the day approached, I was quite nervous as I considered the great weight of responsibility of what I was undertaking. I ensured that I had prepared well for the occasion, however, and everything went quite smoothly. It was a great experience for me—a homecoming of sorts. I think it was also an noteworthy experience for many of the people there who had watched me grow up to now see me in the pulpit.

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