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June 9, 2007

My Mom having flown to St. Louis earlier in the week, we hop in my car and started drive to PA. We make it all the way to the Eastern edge of Ohio before stopping for the night. We arrive in West Grove the following afternoon.

June 12, 2007

I drive up to Lancaster to have lunch with Paula at the Papaya Grill—a pan asian restaurant in the Park City mall. Over lunch we have a nice discussion of copyright law, amongst other topics.

Afterwards I head over to the F&M campus and check out all changes to the campus. Lots of stuff has changed, and yet it still felt familiar. I buy a nice new F&M window sticker for the car in the new bookstore.

June 13-16, 2007

I attend the American Theological Library Association conference at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Philadelphia along with 3 of my coworkers. On Saturday, one of my coworkers takes a fall on the campus of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary and breaks her leg in 5–6 places. Ouch!

Guitar Hero Cover

June 19, 2007

I visit my friend Beth, who introduces me to Guitar Hero. Once again, Beth gets me hooked on something. (Beth has previously turned me on to anime, Dance Dance Revolution, and Fluxx.)

June 20, 2007

I start my day by driving down to Baltimore, MD to visit my friend from college Wendy. Wendy and I take her daughter Laura to the National Zoo via the DC Metro. Wendy’s husband Jeff had to work that day, so I get to play substitute dad, helping to push Laura’s stroller and pointing out animals.

Visiting Wendy
Wendy, Laura, Me

After spending the afternoon with Wendy and Laura, I drive up the road a little bit to have dinner with my Internet friend Liesel and her family. After dinner, I introduce Liesel and her sister Abigail to Setters of Catan. I narrowly beat Liesel by one point, and manage to get her hooked on the game. (Now I’m getting people hooked on stuff!) In return, Liesel introduces me to P.D.Q. Bach.

LieselAbigail & Liesel
Liesel; Abigail (l) & Liesel (r)

June 22, 2007

My Dad and I set out for St. Louis.

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The Tempest

First up, Shakespeare in the Park. Saint Louis has an excellent Shakespeare festival every year in Forrest Park. This year featured a performance of _The Tempest_. While perhaps not Shakespeare’s finest work, the performance was rather good. Many of the actors had a really good time with their parts, and the set was awesome. I also thoroughly enjoyed the hilarious antics of Juggling Jeff—one of the pre-show entertainment acts. The overall experience was so good, I went twice! The first time was with some co-workers one day after work. The other was with my Dad when he visited during Father’s Day weekend.

Second, cool summer movies. ‘Nuff said.

Star Wars III Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Batman Begins

Third, June is the month of conferences. Things got off to an early start in May when I went to the IUG (Innovative Users Group) conference in San Francisco. The conference was good, and I was also happy to have the chance to meet up with one of my first college friends, Kimberly. Earlier this month, I went to the annual MOBIUS (Missouri Bibliographic Information User System) conference in Lake Ozark, MO. Spanning only two days, it was rather short and uneventful. Although, I did get to enjoy the Japanese garden at the Lodge of the Four Seasons where the conference was held and where I stayed. After that, I got to hold down the fort… er… library while several of my coworkers went to the ATLA (American Theological Library Association) conference. Finally, just last weekend I went up with some coworkers to the ALA (American Library Association) conference in Chicago for a day to see the vendor exhibits. The really fun part was getting to spend Friday evening with John & Ellise. We had an excellent dinner at the Red Star Tavern, enjoyed some of the Swedish Days festival in downtown Geneva, and then watched Shaun of the Dead.

Next on the schedule, I’ll be spending a good part of July editing an article for publication in Presbyterion, the seminary’s journal.

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Hanna & Steve

Some highlights of my Easter with Hanna and her family.

  • Getting a tour of “Grant Place”—Hanna’s house.
  • “Helping” Hanna with her Spanish homework.
  • The extremely positive response of Hanna’s mom to the flowers that I brought with me at Suzanne’s suggestion.
  • Playing Catchphrase with Hanna’s family while she was at choir practice.
  • Hanna and I going to a local recreation center where we walked and jogged on the indoor track. Hanna got me to jog an entire mile!
  • Watching The Scarlet Pimpernel—Hanna’s favorite movie.
  • Going out to dinner with John and Ellise at the Weber Grill, and introducing them to Hanna.
  • Hanna’s adorable nephew Josiah.
  • Going to church with Hanna three times.
  • The Easter cantata that Hanna sang in.
  • Getting to talk shop with the church librarian.
  • Making Shrinky-Dinks.
  • A delicious Easter lunch/dinner.
  • Hanna giving me a tour of her office, and having lunch with her friend Bethany.
  • Cuddling up with Hanna on several occasions.
  • Praying with Hanna.

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Considering that I recently flew in a Grand Canyon sightseeing helicopter, I found the following news report interesting.

Man jumps to his death from Grand Canyon sightseeing helicopter

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…from outer space! Err… no, that’s not right.

…from the American Southwest! Yeah, that’s more like it.

For once, the lack of blogging activity cannot be blamed on my laziness and/or lack of creative ambition. I just got back from vacation—about a week and a half without cellphone service or an internet connection. ::resisting urge to read all the AtAT I missed:: This much needed vacation was my graduation present from my Mom. Here’s a synopsis of our itinerary:

June 2: Met Mom at the St. Louis airport. Flew to Denver, and then to Grand Junction, CO. Drove North then West to Jensen, UT.

June 3: Visited Dinosaur National Monument—saw fossils and millennia-old petroglyphs.

June 4: Drove South to the Grand Canyon. Stopped by Arches National Park on the way.

June 5: Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. Visited observation points along the East side of the South Rim. Watched the sun set on the Canyon.

June 6: Watched the sun rise on the Canyon. Attended a chapel service on the Rim. Visited observation points along the West side of the South Rim. Unexpectedly ran into someone I know from St. Louis.

June 7: Drove to Silverton, Co. Visited Four Corners and stand in four states at once on the way.

June 8: Took a tour of an old mine and pan for gold. Visited a ghost town, driving along a “4WD Recommended” road in our rental car.

June 9: Went horseback riding on a trail through the mountains. Drove to Ouray, CO—the “Switzerland of America”. Visited Box Canyon Falls. Soaked in our hotel’s private hot spring-fed hot tubs.

June 10: Visited another old mine and pan for more gold. Drove to Grand Junction, CO.

June 11: Flew home.

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