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In the fall of 2000 (my senior year of college) I took GRK410 Herodotus—an advanced Greek language class that involved translating a large portion of book 9 of Herodotus’ Histories. Our text book, besides the Greek text, was an in-progress manuscript of a commentary on the text by my professor Michael A. Flower and one of his colleagues, John Marincola. The commentary was rather helpful as it contained explanations of both difficult grammatical constructions and historical background and context.

Since completing the class, I had been curious about the publication status of the commentary, and I periodically checked to see if it had been released. The book was finally published in December of 2002, but only recently did I get my hands on a copy. Much to my surprise and delight, I discovered that my professor acknowledged each member of the class (all 5 of us) by name in the preface.

Steve in Print

Now the book sits proudly on my bookshelf right beside my Herodotus text from the class.

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I was reading World Magazine today and discovered you’re famous.
– Kevin

Yes, it’s true. I’m famous, and here’s the proof.

When a reporter from World Magazine came into the seminary library looking for someone to interview about social security, it seemed unusual, but not especially exciting. When he sat down with me in my office during my lunch break and asked me a few questions about the state of social security and Bush’s plan, it didn’t seem like much would come of it. I figured he was scouting out a bunch of twenty- or thirty-somethings, taking notes on what they had to say, and intending to use the choicest quotes in his article. Little did I know I was about to become the chief example in the cover story of a national news magazine.

By time the article was published, I had forgotten about the interview. When Hanna sent me an email asking how many free copies of World I would get that week, I was left a little puzzled. I immediately called her to figure out what she meant by the email, so she got to break the news to me about the article and to experience my shock first-hand as I looked at the article online for the first time.

So there it is—my proverbial 15 minutes of fame. I guess I should enjoy it while it lasts.

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So I had to write a 15 page ethics paper last week. The title that I settled on was: “Thou Shalt Not Share: An Ethical Analysis of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing and Copyright Law”. I guess I got a little carried away, because it ended up being 24 pages, plus 2 pages of diagrams and a 2-page bibliography. Wow. I think that’s the longest paper I’ve ever written. And if I had more time, I would have added a section on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 and Digital Rights Management. Actually, I had one paragraph written for the section, but decided to remove it in the interests of time and my professor’s sanity.

For my Marriage & Family Counseling class, I had to do a project that applied the various concepts that we learned this semester. I teamed up with my friend Joe to do a video project. We analyzed an episode of King of the Hill (“Goodbye Normal Jeans”, if you care), and made a DVD showing the episode interspersed with our commentary on the family dynamics exhibited. iMovie is so cool.

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