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I laughed so hard that I cried. Literally.

You’ve been warned.

Something Awful Science Fair SWAT

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Here is a list of April Fools gags that various websites are pulling on their users today.


Find any other cool April Fools jokes on the internet? Post them in the comments.

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Too Much Spare Time presents a new Lemon Demon music video: Geeks in Love.


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I can’t say that I condone singing in the library, but this is really funny:

Reading on a Dream : A Library Musical

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All personal bias in favor of my employer aside, I am thrilled that Covenant has introduced a new online resource called Covenant Worldwide. Covenant Worldwide is a free educational resource that provides complete sets of audio lectures and study guides from the classes in the Master of Arts in Theological Studies degree program. That’s right, the same content that one would get while working on an MATS degree is now available for free online (though not for credit). This is an incredible resource for anyone who wants to learn more about theology, Church history, and biblical studies.

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