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Goodbye Samsung N200

Samsung SPH-N200

Hello Samsung M500

Samsung SPH-M500 Closed Samsung SPH-M500 Open

Things I love about my new phone:

  • Always having a camera handy.
  • Using Bluetooth to swap data with my computer.
  • Custom musical ringtones—even if I do have to use a clumsy workaround to load them.
  • It’s so small and light!
  • It came with stereo headphones with a built-in mic.

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The new version of Quicktime that Software Update just installed wants me to restart, which will bring an end to my new record long uptime.

Uptime: 41 days, 23 hours, 23 minutes

Up Since: 10:56 PM, August 1, 2006

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Oooooo… Front Row

Main Menu



I think it’s official that Front Row—Apple’s new media center app that’s bundled exclusively with the new iMac (that I missed by a month)—is a hit. Mac users everywhere want it. Now the question is whether Apple will answer the demand by making it available to all Mac users. Will it show up in Mac OS X 10.4.3? iLife 2006? I hope so.

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Outdated Computer

New iMac | New iPod

It was fun being on top while it lasted. Kudos to Jed for being the first to make fun of my now obsolete technology with the above image.

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It’s the start of a new school year (reasonably close, at least), so it’s time to gear up. After all, both of my computers are showing their age, and my printer refuses to output yellow ink (and sometimes it’s not fond of printing at all). Therefore, after a couple weeks of mulling it over, I decided to take advantage of my educational discount and some nice back-to-school rebates from Apple to “upgrade the apparatus” (one of my favorite Tick-isms). Now I am the happy new owner of:

I made the final decision to go ahead with the purchase while in work today, so I stopped by the new mini Apple Store in the St. Louis Galleria on my way home. After taking a quick in-person look at the merchandise to make sure I had settled on what I really wanted, I presented my shopping list to one of the clerks. He took it in back, and one credit card swipe later, I was walking out to my car loaded down with technological goodness.

When all is said and done (taking into account the educational discount and the rebates), I will have saved $100 on the computer, and gotten the iPod for $90 and the printer for free. (But then there’s the tax…)

Oh, there’s one more reason that was probably in the back of my mind urging me towards this spending spree. Elvenyukiryu mentioned in her blog the other day about flirting with the possibility of buying an iPod mini, and there was no way that I was going to let her beat me out on getting an iPod! ;-P

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