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I enjoyed this little exchange that was highlighted in the April 2010 issue of American Libraries magazine.

“I educated myself. I went to the library—the books are free.” FoxNews host Glenn Beck, addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 19.

“Glenn, Glenn, Glenn. The library isn’t free! It’s paid for with tax money! Free public libraries are the result of the progressive movement to communally share books. The first public library was the Boston Public Library in 1854. Its statement of purpose: Every citizen has the right to access community-owned resources. Community-owned? That sounds just like communists. You’re a communist!” Jon Stewart, The Daily Show, February 22.

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This is a very good article from Lifehacker on using your local library:
Get the most of your local library — online

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The American Library Association conference a few weeks ago featured the first Library Book Cart Precision Drill Team Championship. Yes, librarians have made a sport out of pushing library carts around in a highly choreographed fashion. The winners were a group of Library Science students from the University of Wisconsin—Madison.

Although I didn’t see the performances, here’s my highly speculative analysis of why these upstarts who only practiced for six weeks beat teams that have been doing this for years.

  1. Youthful energy. They were able to incorporate break-dancing, Irish dancing, and back-flips.
  2. Style. They had the least tacky costumes.
  3. Hip Attitude. I’ve noticed that a lot of librarians have a terrible insecurity about being considered mousy, uptight, old, bookworms. Therefore, they latch onto anything that counters that image. The UW-Madison team’s choice of the song “Hip to Be Square” by Huey Lewis & the News appeals directly to this desire.

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