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Drew Carey to host “Price Is Right” (Variety)

“The Price Is Right” will never be the same without Bob Barker, but here’s to hoping that Drew Carey can make a valiant effort at filling Bob’s very big shoes.

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So I had to write a 15 page ethics paper last week. The title that I settled on was: “Thou Shalt Not Share: An Ethical Analysis of Peer-to-Peer File Sharing and Copyright Law”. I guess I got a little carried away, because it ended up being 24 pages, plus 2 pages of diagrams and a 2-page bibliography. Wow. I think that’s the longest paper I’ve ever written. And if I had more time, I would have added a section on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 and Digital Rights Management. Actually, I had one paragraph written for the section, but decided to remove it in the interests of time and my professor’s sanity.

For my Marriage & Family Counseling class, I had to do a project that applied the various concepts that we learned this semester. I teamed up with my friend Joe to do a video project. We analyzed an episode of King of the Hill (“Goodbye Normal Jeans”, if you care), and made a DVD showing the episode interspersed with our commentary on the family dynamics exhibited. iMovie is so cool.

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Perhaps you’ve seen the new Quizno’s commercials? You know… the ones with the funky-looking, singing hamsters, or whatever the heck those things are supposed to be. If you’re not sure, you can go to Quizno’s site to check them out.

Anyway, the animation on those funky-looking, singing whatever looked awfully familiar. It looked like something that I had seen on the internet before. Indeed, it looked reminiscent of the Viking Kittens, which a Google search revealed to be located at Poking around, I discovered that these folks are indeed responsible for the Quizno’s commercials. In addition, I found a Flash animation in their collection that is oddly entertaining. Thus, I present to you Fearsome Stomping Laibach Kittens.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something hilarious about kittens in communist uniforms stomping fearsomely to the beat of eastern european industrial music.

And here’s more of the… uh… whatever they are.

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Well, I already know what my favorite Superbowl commercial will be this year.

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What song does big Pete use like “a giant funk magnet” to attract Artie, the strongest man in the world, in the first episode of The Adventures of Pete and Pete, “Day of the Dot”?

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