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They Might Be Giants

On Saturday night I went to see They Might Be Giants perform live at The Pageant. The show (my 4th) was absolutely awesome. The setlist (available at This Might Be A Wiki) naturally included a large selection of songs (9 in all) from their new album, The Else, but it also included 4 fan favorites from Flood, and 2 each from Apollo 18 and The Spine. Particular highlights included…

  • Opening with “I’m Impressed”
  • “The Shadow Government”
  • “The Cap’m”
  • “Spider”
  • “The Guitar”
  • “Birdhouse In Your Soul”
  • “Particle Man”
  • “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” with an amazing opening guitar solo
  • “Damn Good Times” as the final song

Even the opening band, Oppenheimer was good. Their music was enjoyable, and they did a really good job warming up the crowd.

Oh, lastly, I wore my <GEEK> shirt from ThinkGeek and got two compliments… albeit from other guys.

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Previously, I wrote about my friend Beth getting me hooked on Guitar Hero. So in celebration of being halfway done my MLS, I gave in to my new Beth-induced addiction and purchased a Guitar Hero bundle. Right now I’m working on mastering the medium difficulty in general, and “No One Knows” as made famous by Queens of the Stone Age from Guitar Hero 1 in particular.

Here’s a pic of my co-worker Kenny and I rocking out in the break room.

Playing Guitar Hero

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June 9, 2007

My Mom having flown to St. Louis earlier in the week, we hop in my car and started drive to PA. We make it all the way to the Eastern edge of Ohio before stopping for the night. We arrive in West Grove the following afternoon.

June 12, 2007

I drive up to Lancaster to have lunch with Paula at the Papaya Grill—a pan asian restaurant in the Park City mall. Over lunch we have a nice discussion of copyright law, amongst other topics.

Afterwards I head over to the F&M campus and check out all changes to the campus. Lots of stuff has changed, and yet it still felt familiar. I buy a nice new F&M window sticker for the car in the new bookstore.

June 13-16, 2007

I attend the American Theological Library Association conference at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Philadelphia along with 3 of my coworkers. On Saturday, one of my coworkers takes a fall on the campus of St. Charles Borromeo Seminary and breaks her leg in 5–6 places. Ouch!

Guitar Hero Cover

June 19, 2007

I visit my friend Beth, who introduces me to Guitar Hero. Once again, Beth gets me hooked on something. (Beth has previously turned me on to anime, Dance Dance Revolution, and Fluxx.)

June 20, 2007

I start my day by driving down to Baltimore, MD to visit my friend from college Wendy. Wendy and I take her daughter Laura to the National Zoo via the DC Metro. Wendy’s husband Jeff had to work that day, so I get to play substitute dad, helping to push Laura’s stroller and pointing out animals.

Visiting Wendy
Wendy, Laura, Me

After spending the afternoon with Wendy and Laura, I drive up the road a little bit to have dinner with my Internet friend Liesel and her family. After dinner, I introduce Liesel and her sister Abigail to Setters of Catan. I narrowly beat Liesel by one point, and manage to get her hooked on the game. (Now I’m getting people hooked on stuff!) In return, Liesel introduces me to P.D.Q. Bach.

LieselAbigail & Liesel
Liesel; Abigail (l) & Liesel (r)

June 22, 2007

My Dad and I set out for St. Louis.

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Drew Carey to host “Price Is Right” (Variety)

“The Price Is Right” will never be the same without Bob Barker, but here’s to hoping that Drew Carey can make a valiant effort at filling Bob’s very big shoes.

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Oh yes, those crazy Red Bull people (the ones who brought the world Flugtag) are bringing soap box derby to Saint Louis this weekend. I am so there.

Red Bull Soap Box Derby

If anyone else is interested in going, contact me. (more info)

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