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So apparently I was just woken up by an earthquake. I don’t recall feeling anything really, just hearing the sound of stuff like my ceiling fan rattling. Scared the crap out of me.

WEST SALEM, Ill. (AP) — A 5.4 earthquake in Illinois has rocked people awake as far away as Indiana, surprising residents unaccustomed to such a large temblor in the Midwest.

The quake just before 4:37 a.m. was centered 6 miles from West Salem, Ill., and 66 miles from Evansville, Ind.

There were no immediate reports of injuries.

Earthquake Graph

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Just a few seconds after walking in the door of my apartment after church this morning, my phone rang. The caller was an obviously distraught Elvenyukiryu—my good friend from high school. She had just learned that an 18-year-old friend of hers from work had earlier in the morning murdered the parents of the 14-year-old girl he was secretly dating, and then fled with the girl, either having kidnapped her or taking her willingly. (Follow the story as it breaks: html | rss.)

For some reason yet to be determined, this young man took a seriously wrong turn in life that culminated in the death of two people, the possible kidnapping of a minor, orphaned children, and friends left in a world that doesn’t make sense anymore—shattered lives all around. What possesses an otherwise normal and well-adjusted person to commit murder?

And yet, what depths of sin exist within all our souls? Is not the evil necessary to commit murder present within us all in one form or another? Is it not only by the grace of God that such evil is restrained?

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The American Library Association conference a few weeks ago featured the first Library Book Cart Precision Drill Team Championship. Yes, librarians have made a sport out of pushing library carts around in a highly choreographed fashion. The winners were a group of Library Science students from the University of Wisconsin—Madison.

Although I didn’t see the performances, here’s my highly speculative analysis of why these upstarts who only practiced for six weeks beat teams that have been doing this for years.

  1. Youthful energy. They were able to incorporate break-dancing, Irish dancing, and back-flips.
  2. Style. They had the least tacky costumes.
  3. Hip Attitude. I’ve noticed that a lot of librarians have a terrible insecurity about being considered mousy, uptight, old, bookworms. Therefore, they latch onto anything that counters that image. The UW-Madison team’s choice of the song “Hip to Be Square” by Huey Lewis & the News appeals directly to this desire.

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Considering that I recently flew in a Grand Canyon sightseeing helicopter, I found the following news report interesting.

Man jumps to his death from Grand Canyon sightseeing helicopter

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I think it’s official, Dance Dance Revolution is a recognized weight loss tool. The Associated Press recently ran an article on that subject. As for me, thanks to watching what I eat and some occasional hour-long DDR sessions, I’m down 15 pounds. Sorry Jed, no Pixar DVD’s for you.

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