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I haven’t blogged in months. I’ve been promising a redesign for ages. Well, the time for action is here. This summer is getting a complete overhaul. So please excuse the mess. I’ve got a blog engine transition to do, databases to upgrade, a photo gallery to install, and templates to design.

Design Preview

[update – 5/28]:

The move of my blog posts from Movable Type to WordPress was quick, simple, and painless. Unfortunately, the Textile (formatting) plugin for WordPress doesn’t seem to support all the shorthand mark-up that the Movable Type plugin does, so I have to reformat all my posts in standard HTML. I also moved my old blog image directory on my server to keep things tidy, so I have to edit all the image URLs as well. On the plus side, this is giving me the opportunity to file everything into categories. Keep an eye on the Uncategorized category to see my progress.

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