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I guess I forgot to post updates on two things: I got my car back and my camera back. Both seem to be working fine so far. The funny thing is that I happened to get them back on the same exact day!

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So way back in 2004 (2 years ago!) I changed my state of residence, which meant that my state income tax returns for that year were a little more complicated than usual. According to my original calculations I owed $329 to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A few months later I received notice that my income had been high enough to require that I submit quarterly estimated income tax payments, and that since I hadn’t, I owed an additional $8.62 in penalties. (Yes, they tried to shake me down for less than $10!)

Well, that just pissed me off, so I dug through the income tax booklet and discovered a great fact. All income from a job in a state other than Pennsylvania is no longer taxable in PA after you change your state of residence. I had originally counted my income from both my pre-graduation church internship and my post-graduation, full-time job at the Library as taxable in PA. However, getting a full-time job in Missouri, living in Missouri, and getting a Missouri driver’s license pretty well establishes my Missouri residency, so I shouldn’t have reported that huge chunk of income from my Library job as taxable in PA. Not only did I not owe PA the $8.62, but they owed me $256!

I filed an amended return to correct my over-reporting of taxable income, but it was rejected for some odd reason. (“No, I’m not trying to claim tax forgiveness.”) This led to repeated phone calls with the Department of Revenue’s customer service department. Each time it took some explaining to get the customer service rep to understand what was going on, and each time I was eventually assured that I was correct and that I ought to be getting a refund shortly. However, each time my file was sent back to the tax examiner I got another rejection. (“No, I’m not trying to claim a credit for taxes paid to another state.”) Well, at long last, after my last call—during which the customer service rep talked to her supervisor who assured me that they would submit an extensive written explanation to the tax examiner—I got my refund! Rock on!

Now, time to amend my county tax return.

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The new version of Quicktime that Software Update just installed wants me to restart, which will bring an end to my new record long uptime.

Uptime: 41 days, 23 hours, 23 minutes

Up Since: 10:56 PM, August 1, 2006

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