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[This was just too much geeky fun to pass up!]

First, we note that Girls require Time and Money:

Girls = Time × Money

And, as we all know, “time is money”:

Time = Money


Girls = Money × Money
Girls = Money^2

And because “money is the root of all evil”:

Money = √Evil


Girls = (√Evil)^2
Girls = Evil


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Nick commented to me today about how I’m a big proponent of RSS technology, and yet my blog doesn’t have an RSS feed. Indeed, it is a travesty that I do not have an RSS feed while I read other blogs exclusively in RSS. An RSS feed has long been on the list of site enhancements that would be included in that site redesign that I’ve been working on for many ages now. However, that doesn’t look like it will be done anytime soon, so I thought maybe I should take an hour, figure out RSS syntax, and publish a feed already.

Thus I present to you: My RSS Feed. Subscribe away!

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Too Much Spare Time presents a new Lemon Demon music video: Geeks in Love.


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I can’t say that I condone singing in the library, but this is really funny:

Reading on a Dream : A Library Musical

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This is a very good article from Lifehacker on using your local library:
Get the most of your local library — online

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