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For tonight’s movie night, our feature presentation was Stargate. In addition, I served hot apple cider. So for the email invitation, I doctored a movie still to produce the following image.

Stargate & Cider

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I wish I could remember who, but I recall hearing someone talk about the tyranny of the phone. For some reason I’ve been thinking about that lately. As a culture, we are conditioned to answer the phone whenever it rings—in most cases despite whatever else we are doing. The sharp ring of the phone piercing the gentle sounds of the house demands our attention. We jump up, drop what we are doing, and run towards the nearest handset. The phone trumps all—even the person who is physically present. Of course, cell phones have only compounded the problem. Now we are on call and slaves to interruption wherever we go.

Why does it feel so bad to ignore the phone? Can we not bear the thought of disappointing the caller? Should the caller be disappointed to not have his or her call answered? Is being able to contact someone anytime a rightful expectation? Is that an expectation we ought to fulfill?

I say no. The phone is a convenience, a tool. People managed to communicate before the phone using much slower forms of communication. It’s nice if you happen to call when the recipient is available, but if they are otherwise engaged, then you’ll just have to wait. That’s what voicemail is for. Let’s mind our priorities and not let the phone be our master.

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I'm A Glass Of Wine

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The new design for is coming along nicely, although slowly. I think I finished the most difficult and detailed template of all tonight. After wrapping up a few more supporting templates, the blog will be done. Then it’s on to the Document Archive, and finally the infamous PhotoBlog.

Meanwhile, check out the new Bookshelf. Be warned, however, there’s nothing cataloged yet.

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