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I’ve been threatening a site redesign for some time. At first it was just a code conversion, but now it’s an all out new appearance. In addition, the PhotoBlog may finally surface.

Teaser 1 Teaser 2

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Snowman Tin

Don’t you just love abstruse entries like this?

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The comment spam attack of ’04 is over. After upgrading to MovableType 3.1, I was able to install the impressive MT Blacklist plugin, which gives MovableType the ability to block comments based on content. It also has an awesome and dead simple method of adding entries to the block list. When a spam is posted, I just have to click on a link and MT Blacklist automatically analyzes the comment to find a unique feature that identifies it as spam, which it adds to the block list. Then it automatically deletes the comment and rebuilds the appropriate pages.

The result? After only a few days of use, and two additions to the block list, MT Blacklist reports: “Comment spams blocked: 174”. Wow! That’s 174 comments I didn’t have to delete manually. Most impressive. Take THAT spammers.

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Sorry folks if you happen to run across a comment advertising Texas Hold’em. My site is currently under attack by comment spammers. The first step that I’ve taken to end the attack is to force previewing of comments. No longer can you simply type your comment on the individual entry page and click submit. Now you have to click preview, and then confirm your comment.

Unfortunately, this has not stopped the “texas holdem” spam. On the plus side, this particular spam uses the same author name on every comment, so I can easily clean them all out every once in a while by using a simple SQL command on the MySQL database where my blog data is stored.

DELETE FROM `mt_comment` WHERE `comment_author` = 'texas holdem'

It looks like it may be time to upgrade my blog engine and install some anti-spam counter-measures.

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I logged into my blog administration interface ready to post a nice new entry, and then I glanced at the recent comments box. “texas holdem”? “uk propecia”? Dang it! Comment spam!

I probably had to delete about 50 comments from various posts, which took a good deal of time and was highly annoying. Stupid comment spammers, we don’t want your filthy wares. GO AWAY!!!

Anyway… This week’s musical find is the Scissor Sisters. You may be familiar with their disco infused radio hit “Take Your Mama”, however I’m a little more fond of the unique sound of “Laura”. The video is also fun.

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