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Which File Extension are You?

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“No One Knows” by Queens Of The Stone Age.

After the band hits a deer with their jeep, the deer gets revenge.

Real (Stream) [Hosting Site]
Windows Media (Stream) [Found Here]

(I haven’t found a good Quicktime/MPEG version yet. If anyone finds one, let me know.)

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Episode 1: Motivational Seminar

In the August 1, 2004 issue of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, I came across a full-page ad for a large motivational seminar that was held on September 14 at the Savvis Center. The top banner proclaimed:

Get Motivated
Attend This Dynamic Seminar to INCREASE Your PRODUCTIVITY and INCOME
Motivation! Inspiration! Career Skills! Wealth-Building!

Okay. Pretty standard stuff, I suppose, but bear with me. Under the banner there were five large columns displaying prominent pictures of five of the key speakers and their topics. What struck me as odd was the center column. Listed as speaking on the topic of “perseverance” was Jessica Lynch, the rescued American prisoner of war. Her session was titled “Survival is a Choice”, and was described, saying:

Private Jessica Lynch astonished the world when she survived the unthinkable and was rescued from Iraqi capture. You will be amazed as she shares the key strategies that she used to survive and thrive in the most brutal of circumstances.

Okay, now hold on a minute.

First, let me say that I in no way want to minimize what Ms. Lynch experienced. Being captured in battle by an enemy force must be an extremely frightening, horrific, traumatic, and harrowing experience that I cannot even begin to imagine.

That being said, it seems that this ad has perhaps overstated Ms. Lynch’s expertise resulting from her experience. Let’s do a little history review. If I recall the news reports correctly, the convoy that Ms. Lynch was riding in was ambushed after driving off course. Several members of her unit were killed during the attack and several were captured. Several days later, an Iraqi hospital worker reported to American forces that Ms. Lynch was being held at the hospital where he worked. A unit of marines was promptly dispatched to the hospital, who then “rescued” her while facing little to no resistance.

“Survival is a Choice”?

If what I recall is indeed correct, then Jessica Lynch had very little choice in the matter of her survival. In fact, it seems that she played a largely passive role in the whole affair. If she had been captured after fighting on the front lines of a brutal war and had been held in a P.O.W. camp for several months while being subjected to torture and interrogation, then she might have something truly meaningful to say about survival strategies. However, given her actual experience, I can’t imagine how she has the qualifications to teach what this ad claims that one would learn by attending her session at the seminar.

What were they thinking?

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