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“Secret Nightshade”

What’s your haxor handle?

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By now everyone ought to know that I’ve moved (more on that later). So now that I have this cool new pad, what am I going to do with it? Since I’m somewhat of a movie fan, I decided to start hosting movie nights on a quasi-regular to regular basis. In fact, I specifically configured my new living room to support maximum seating when I moved in. And to make things more interesting, I decided to try to add a themed dinner into the mix each time.

Now, when one wants to start a movie night series-type thing, what does one start with. Star Wars Trilogy, of course! Having settle on the movie and the date (September 4th—a week after I moved in), I had to decide what the themed dinner would be. I eventually settled on Captain Solo’s Chicken, which was just renaming a recipe I had for “Captain’s Chicken”.

Star Wars Trilogy night (err… day) went rather well, and the next week followed with “Grosse Pointe Blank” and Chicken Pot Pie (no theme intended–you try to find a food that goes with a dark romantic comedy about an assassin going to his high school reunion in Detroit). Then last week was an X-Men Double Feature with X-treme Pasta, which drew a veritable crowd of a dozen over the course of the evening.

Tonight I’m showing “This Is Spinal Tap”, and the meal is Eat Like A Roadie—pizza and corn dogs. I thought about getting lunch-meat and small bread to mimic a particular scene in the movie, but I couldn’t find any small bread at Schnucks and lunch-meat wasn’t on sale.

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I have been absolutely horrible about updating my blog. This is despicable. I can’t believe that I haven’t updated in over a month. I hang my head in shame.

I doubt a single entry could hold over a month’s worth of material. (Well, it probably could, but it’d be really long and tedious to read.) Therefore, I’m going to break it up into several entries, each covering a particular aspect of the last month or so, such as…

  1. My new job
  2. My new apartment (Where did I pack my digital camera?)
  3. Steve’s Saturday Cinema

I’m also going to start a new special blog entry type/category that will tentatively be called “What were they thinking?” in which I will mock and/or dissect advertisements or other such things that are meant to be serious, but are actually incredibly dumb and/or evil. I currently have two in the pipeline.


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