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  1. Replace my iBook’s factory installed 10GB 4800 RPM hard drive with a new 60GB 5600 RPM hard drive.
  2. Install the old hard drive in an external Firewire enclosure.


  1. Install the new hard drive in the external enclosure.
  2. Use Carbon Copy Cloner to create a bootable copy of the old hard drive.
  3. Swap the hard drives.


My Workspace
Note the ice cube tray behind the laptop that I used for holding screws, the open binder containing the relevant sections of the Apple Service Manual, and the new hard drive in the external enlosure on the binder.
Naked iBook
The Inside of My iBook
The hard drive goes in the bottom left corner.
The Old Hard Drive
The Old Hard Drive
I originally thought that the black pins on the side of the hard drive were part of the hard drive case, and thus that the hard drive was proprietary. However, it turned out that the pins are actually Torx T-8 screws.
Back Together
It’s Alive!
Back together and fully functional. No screws left over either.

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I’ve been playing DDR at home for a while now—sometimes an hour a day. What do I have to show for it? Well, besides dropping a few pounds, my skills have also improved considerably. My first few attempts at various songs were miserable failures. However, I quickly managed to pass some songs in beginner mode. After some more practice, I was soon able to pass songs in light (easy) mode. After reaching the point where I could get mostly A’s & B’s on 3 or 4 foot difficulty songs in light mode, I started trying similarly rated songs in standard (medium) mode. Initially, I failed a lot, but after even more practice, I started passing and then getting decent grades. Soon, I was even passing some 5 and 6 foot difficulty songs. And now? Well, check out some of the results below.

Matsuri Japan
Light Mode · 4 Feet
Light Mode · 3 Feet
Love Shine
Standard Mode · 4 Feet
Standard Mode · 4 Feet
Aoi Shoudou
Standard Mode · 5 Feet
Come On Eileen
Standard Mode · 4 Feet
Standard Mode · 7 Feet

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I am a Redhat.

I’m too much of a geek to be a genuine hat of any sort. I was hoping my result would be ‘white-hat’ or ‘black-hat’, and am disappointed that those results weren’t even available. I probably think the cup-holder story is funny.

What sort of hat are you?

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Considering that I recently flew in a Grand Canyon sightseeing helicopter, I found the following news report interesting.

Man jumps to his death from Grand Canyon sightseeing helicopter

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…the last track of a CD contains two songs separated by an extended period of silence? That pisses me off so much!

  1. It totally screws up the listening experience if you have the player set to shuffle.
  2. It even screws up the listening experience if you are merely listening to multiple CD’s in a row.
  3. When I rip the CD, I have to take the extra time to slice the track into its parts and cut out the silence.

While I’m all in favor of bands putting secret extras on their albums, for the love of Pete, simply make it an extra track! Stop this extended final track nonsense! ::GRRRRR::

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