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This semester I’m taking the class Prophetical Books. Since this is a class that seminary students usually end up taking during their last year and the professor feels that we should get some experience as participants in a presbytery meeting before we graduate, every time he teaches the class he incorporates a mock presbytery into the curriculum. Periodically throughout the semester, we study an issue related to the prophets and then use a class period to convene as a presbytery in order to attempt to pass a motion establishing some position on the issue as a doctrinal standard. (Not once this semester did we ever actually accomplish this.)

In addition to participating on the floor, once during the semester each person gets to take on a special role such as moderator, clerk, or committee member—the committees being the ones who bring the motions about the issues at hand to the floor. I had the fortune to be assigned the role of moderator for our meeting 2 weeks ago. While the committee members are responsible for writing motions and the clerk is responsible for taking the minutes, the moderator gets to make the docket and lead the meeting. Being the technologically inclined person that I am, I decided to forgo writing the docket on the blackboard, as had been done previously, in favor of using the room’s video projector to display a PowerPoint docket. With my trusty iBook running my PowerPoint docket, I put my knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order that I had learned during Jan term in PCA Polity to use keeping the meeting focused and moving quickly. I used to think that I’d make a good clerk of presbytery someday, but now I’m starting to think that I might make a good moderator too.

Related to the mock presbyteries, there is also an assignment that each student pass an “examination for licensure to teach from the OT prophetical books”. This is basically an oral exam covering a pool of about 70 potential questions based on our textbook that can either be taken in one of the mock committees or on the floor of the mock presbytery. For various reasons—including procrastination, not wanting to have to deal with scheduling another meeting, and pure guts—I decided to opt for the floor exam, which I did yesterday. I used the awesome flashcard app Genius to cram the answers to the possible questions in my head as best I could, and I tried to maintain as calm and confident an attitude as possible.

When I was called to the front for the exam—I was the only one in the entire class to opt for the floor exam all semester, incidentally—I was a bit more nervous than I thought I would be. Perhaps that had something to do with the fact that I was not confident that I could nail more than 50% of the questions with ease. However, my anxiety was soon relieved as my classmates shied away from the questions about dates and kings contemporary to the prophets, which I didn’t know so well, and instead asked more conceptual questions, which I knew much better. After several questions—all of which I nailed with no problem—the motion to arrest the examination was made, and my mock licensure was approved. If only it were that easy in real life!

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Maybe it’s because I’m no more than 4.5 months from moving (although I don’t know where), but I’m in a mood to sell. It started with a chair. I bought a new office chair, since my old chair broke. However, after getting the new chair, I found out that I could supposedly get my old chair fixed under warranty. While waiting for the necessary parts to be ordered and shipped, I held onto the new chair in case the deal fell through, but kept it unopened in case I ended up being able to take it back. Unfortunately, getting my chair fixed under warranty has taken several months (and counting, although progress is being made). It’s a little late to return the new chair at this point, so I need to sell it instead. Fortunately, I got the chair on sale, and since I only expect to recoup what I paid for it, it shouldn’t be too hard to sell. [Chair Flyer (PDF)]

The next item I have for sale is my guitar. I got my guitar while in high school, and started taking lessons. However, I never really got into it, and when I went away to college, I dropped it completely. I held onto it just in case I ever decided to try taking it up again, but at this point in my life I don’t foresee that ever happening. There are many other things that I’d rather spend my time and money on than learning the (albeit cool) ability to whip out a guitar and lay out some hot licks. Therefore, I figure that I might as well sell it in order to get some money to buy something else that I will enjoy more. [Guitar Flyer (PDF)]

Finally, I noticed that I have a bunch of CD’s that I absolutely never listen to anymore, so why not sell them too? Now, the previous items I’ve decided to sell locally, since I don’t really want to mess with shipping them to someone across the country, especially in the case of the guitar. CD’s, on the other hand, are cheap and easy to ship, so this seemed like a good time to experiment with selling on eBay. Thus, I submit to you my very first eBay listing: Don’t Censor Me – Audio Adrenaline (CD 1995) – Like New.

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I saw this on the PCWorld website and was quite amused.

Can't Live With Windows

Need I make the obvious suggestion?

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Due to a strange quantum anomaly in the Saint Louis area, I’m actually interested in “March Madness” this year. Then again, maybe it’s just because the Seminary is giving away prizes for the best bracket predictions, and I had nothing to lose by simply guessing out of my ignorance of all things sporty. Anyway… who did I pick to win it all?

Georgia Tech. Don’t ask why, because I know nothing. Check out my full bracket.

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