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I’ve made it my goal to try to post only interesting and/or insightful things to this blog. In other words, I try to avoid rambling on post after post about the standard day-to-day things that happen to me, and which would bore all of you, my readers, to tears. Unfortunately, that means that my posting frequency sometimes drops to abysmal levels. However, if you would like to read boring blog entries instead of nothing when my postings become infrequent, then the Brunching Shuttlecocks have come to your rescue. When you need a dose of mind-numbing blogging, simply visit The Apathetic Online Journal Entry Generator. Enjoy!

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I think I have found the ultimate Christmas present for me. The other day Jed sent me a link to a story on about a company in England that makes inflatable churches. That’s right, how cool would I be if I had a portable, 47 ft long × 25 ft wide × 47 ft high church building complete with plastic “stained glass” windows and inflatable organ, altar, pulpit, pews, candles and gold cross? It’s every seminarian’s dream. If I can’t find a call when I graduate, all that I’ll have to do is find a nice open space, start up the fans, and, after a few hours, I’ll have my own church ready to go. The novelty will attract people right away, so I can immediately start holding services. Boom! Instant church plant. Okay, so maybe that whole scenario isn’t all that realistic. Still, it’s an inflatable church! What pastor wouldn’t want one?

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While John Calvin was pastoring the Church of Geneva, his yearly salary was 500 florins, twelve measures of wheat, two bossets of wine, and a clothing allowance. How many gallons equal two bossets?
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It’s been a busy day. Time for a list.

  • Slept in because I no longer have class at 8 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I was up a little late last night working on a shortcut icon (a.k.a. a favicon.ico) for this site.
  • Had a leisurely breakfast while watching some TV and perusing today’s newspaper.
  • Went to OT History.
  • Went to presbytery with Rudy.
  • Turned in my presbytery scholarship application, arranged to get a copy of the presbytery internship checklist, and watched Rudy be taken under care.
  • Was about to get some dinner, when I realized that I had to get to my Intro to Counseling class. The class is usually on Thursday afternoons, but since we don’t have class this week due to Maundy Thursday, the Thursday afternoon section was moved in with the Tuesday evening session.
  • Came home, quite exhausted.

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Recently, OfficeMax has been having a lot of promotions where you can get stuff for free after mail-in rebate. Being the type of person that can’t resist something if it’s free, I’ve ended up with cans of compressed air, a phone, a universal remote, and even spindles of blank CD-R’s. Try to guess how many blank CD’s I got for free.
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