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My hair is very straight. In fact, I don’t think my hair could be any straighter. It has absolutely no curl, or wave to speak of, and in my opinion, it’s rather boring. It just kind of sits on top of my head doing nothing special, and by the end of the day it gets just enough grease on it to make it start bunching together, which then reveals that my hair thinning on top. However, I’ve found that I can avoid this tendency if I keep my hair short. While doing this reduces the volume of hair on my head, it keeps the hairs from bunching up, and thus maintains a more consistent hair density across the surface of my head. Getting a haircut, therefore, is a fairly simple process for me. All the barber has to do is pull out the clippers, buzz around my head for a minute or two, and if he chose the right length, it’s done. If it’s still too long after the first pass, then it’s just a matter of making a few more passes until it’s to my liking. The downside is that the procedure is so incredibly simple and short that I don’t feel like I get my $13’s worth. I often feel like I could have done it myself if only I had the clippers and a set of clip-on plastic guard-combs of varying lengths. If only…

It was a brilliant idea. Surely, someone sells a consumer product just like that. Sure enough, an search turned up a couple home haircutting kit options, and a search on Kohl’s website turned up a 23 piece kit by Conair that included the clippers, a bunch of different sized clip-on guard-combs, styling combs, scissors, a neck brush, hair clips, an instructional video, and more. It was everything I could want and more, and it was on sale! The next day, after class, I stopped in Kohl’s on the way home and bought it. At only $20, it would pay for itself in just two haircuts.

Since my hair was getting a little long on top, relatively speaking, I decided that this past weekend would be a good opportunity to put my new clippers to the test. My friends Willy and Katherine have offered on several occasions to shave my head while I’ve been over to their house, and they trimmed Tim’s head the week before at our Sunday gathering, so I figured I’d let them have a shot at my head this week. Armed with my new toy, I walked into their apartment on Sunday night and presented it to the delight of an eager audience. After dinner, Katherine cleared out a spot in the kitchen for a solitary chair, and I handed over my clippers to her. Then the peer pressure began.

Amongst a group of males where no one’s hair is much more than fuzz, the prevailing cry was, “Bic it!” Tim at least had a wife whose threatened wrath upon the onlookers restrained their nudging. However, wanting to maintain some quantity of hair on my head, especially since it’s winter, I rejected the suggestions to shave it completely, and Katherine was glad to comply. When the hair settled, I ended up with 1/8 inches left—a little shorter than I had anticipated.

So now my hair is really short, and I wish I had a digital camera so that I could post a photo. It still freaks me out every time that I look in a mirror. I immediately think, “Gah! Where did all my hair go?!?”. Despite that, I have to admit that it does look pretty good, and now I can wear my cool Aussie outback hat to keep my head warm and not get hat head. Nevertheless, I don’t think I’ll cut it this short again.

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On Monday, back when we actually had snow, I got to campus just as the Physical Plant Department was starting to get the campus roads and walks cleared. Since the main drive hadn’t been cleared, the snow that had accumulated on it was packed down pretty hard (which was surprising considering that there shouldn’t have been that much traffic on campus between the time of the snow and my early arrival after dropping my Dad off at the airport). As I stepped out onto the snow covered road, my first thought was, “Mmmmm… Packed Powder… Must go skiing…”

I’ve only been skiing a couple times, but it has been enough to determine that I love it! My first time skiing was with my Boy Scout troop. After that, it wasn’t until Megan invited me up to her home in northwest Pennsylvania along with some friends several years later for a ski retreat of sorts that I had another opportunity. That being so, I had to relearn just about everything, but Megan was a terrific instructor. As a testimony to her instruction, though I started the weekend adamantly asserting that I would in no way try a black diamond, by the end of the weekend, she convinced me to give it a try, and I survived! The following year, when I returned to Megan’s homestead I was actually looking forward to black diamonds! Unfortunately, moving to Missouri has put a stop to my winter ski retreats at Megan’s house for the past two years, so I’m missing the slopes.

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My Dad’s flight got in Friday morning, and despite his suitcases having popped open, he was soon in a cab on his way to meet me at the seminary. He got to campus just in time to join me for Acts & Paul. That evening, my Dad and I went to the symphony where we enjoyed a fine Singles Awareness Day… er… Valentine’s Day program featuring a feisty French conductor.

On Saturday, I did some homework and it snowed. Granted, it wasn’t as much as the east coast received, which Kyrie has adequately documented, but it was enough to make driving on Sunday morning a tad treacherous. Sunday was, of course, my public preaching debut, so I had no choice but to venture out. On the other hand, the snow cut church attendance in half, which made my preaching debut a little less intimidating.

My preaching debut turned out really well. I was very nervous while I was sitting in front of the congregation waiting for the sermon time, but once I got into the pulpit I got into the groove pretty quickly. I was pleased with the final manuscript of my sermon, into which I had put a lot of effort improving during the preceding week, and I got a lot of positive response from the people I talked to after the service. I am looking forward to being able to preach at Memorial again sometime.

Hopefully, I will soon have the manuscript posted over in the documents section, along with an MP3 of my preaching it for those of you who couldn’t be there.

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I’ve completed three preaching classes. I’ve preached 4 different sermons before my classmates. I’ve taught Sunday school classes. I’ve led liturgy. On Sunday, February 16th, I will take another step forward as I ascend into the pulpit at Memorial Pres. and preach to an actual congregation.

A week or so ago, my friend and ruling elder Willy approached me about preaching on the 16th. That date is Mission Focus Sunday this year at Memorial, and it is apparently custom to have a guest preacher present a sermon about missions as part of the program for the day. Willy wanted to know if I was interested, and if I had a sermon already prepared that fit the theme, since it was rather short notice for a busy student like myself. I volunteered my Acts 6–7 sermon, and he and pastor George confirmed that it fit the theme.
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Two years ago today, The Steve Zone 2001 was born. Prior to that date, my website, which was known simply as “The Steve Zone”, was pretty much just a photo gallery. With the 2001 revision, however, it became much more. I introduced a brushed metal background for the navigation sidebars on the site, which was a major graphical achievement for me at the time, I moved the photo gallery off of the home page, and I added the Captain’s Log. At the time, I was completely unaware of the term and concept of a “blog”, but that’s what the Captain’s Log essentially was. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of my server, all the aspects of the Captain’s Log had to be handled manually, which made “posting” a rather tedious and discouraging affair. As a result, the Captain’s Log didn’t get updated all that often. When I switched to a serious server, and I redesigned the site to turn it into, the Captain’s Log became the blog that you are looking at today. The legacy of the original Captain’s Log can still be seen in that I have a “Log Archive” rather than a “Blog Archive”.

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