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On Friday, I got a surprise phone call from Kyrie telling me that my high school friend Aria (who formerly went by the nickname Squeaky) was throwing a Christmas party that very night. This was quite exciting because I hadn’t seen Aria in quite a while. I think the last time I saw her was when I ran into her in the parking lot of Acme while I was home on break sometime after starting seminary. Prior to that I probably only saw her a couple times while in college. Anyway, after dinner I headed over to Aria’s house. The guest list included a couple people I already knew, and a couple I didn’t. For the duration of the evening we lounged in Aria’s living room discussing various things including a show we found on TV about bad drivers (mostly British), and how much trouble the world would be in if Kyrie’s mile-wide evil streak wasn’t countered by her equally powerful conscience.

On Saturday, I went down to Wilmington to visit my good friends Kevin and Laura Koslowsky. Kevin started attending Covenant the same year that I did and lived in the same apartment complex, however he transferred to Westminster (the Philadelphia one) after our first year in seminary because he got a really good internship offer from Faith Presbyterian Church in Wilmington. This was my first opportunity to see them since I helped them pack up their apartment in August. This was also my first opportunity to see David, their baby, who I had only previously seen in utero. (Incidentally, Kevin and Laura get the honor of being the first to freak me out over the concept of people my age having children.) After a wonderful lunch with the three Koslowskys, Kevin gave me the grand tour of the church, told me about Manger Ball™, let me hold David, and gave me a bag of gummy worms. It was a fantastic visit, and went way too fast.

On Sunday, I tucked another first under my belt: I led a church service. Since I was going to be home and would have nothing of great import to do, I sent an email to my pastor at home and offered my services as a seminarian. In turn, he offered me the opportunity to lead the traditional church service this past Sunday while he was away and the church’s intern was preaching. As the day approached, I was quite nervous as I considered the great weight of responsibility of what I was undertaking. I ensured that I had prepared well for the occasion, however, and everything went quite smoothly. It was a great experience for me—a homecoming of sorts. I think it was also an noteworthy experience for many of the people there who had watched me grow up to now see me in the pulpit.

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Yes, it very well could be a White Christmas here in Southeast Pennsylvania. As I write this, snow is gently falling from the sky, covering the ground in a beautiful wintery garment. When I came home from the candlelight service at my home church, I stepped over to the edge of the garage and listened. I listened to the sound of snow. Have you ever heard the sound of snow? Well, it’s not really a sound as much as the lack of sound. It’s the sound of silence, yet it’s a very special silence. The snow dampens even the ambient sounds of the natural world. Everything is hushed, and it would seem a shame to speak more than a whisper.

On the other hand, Christmas morning may not turn out to be so white after all. My Dad has just been looking up the weather, and it is reported that the lovely snow will turn to rain late tonight. That doesn’t bode well for the thin layer of accumulation on the ground right now. Things are looking a bit better in St. Louis, though. My new home city is apparently getting a few inches tonight. Would someone out there confirm that for me?

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The other day, before I packed up my iBook for the flight to PA, I decided to check how long it had been running. Therefore, I fired up a terminal session, and got the following result.

[Steves-iBook:~] steve% uptime
12:08AM up 27 days, 8:12, 1 user, load averages: 5.15, 5.18, 4.32

In case that looks like Greek to you, it says that my iBook had been running 27 days, 8 hours, 12 minutes without a restart. I think that is a personal record.

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Before the first Lord of the Rings movie came out, I made a pledge. I pledged that before seeing each movie I would read the corresponding sections of the books, since I had never read Lord of the Rings before. Last year I did just fine, except that I hadn’t read the portion of book 3 that was stuck into the first movie—not that I could have anticipated that. This year I found myself a bit behind. The movie had been released and I still wasn’t even halfway through The Two Towers. However, I figured I could plow through the rest after my finals were finished and before seeing it on Sunday with my Dad and Kyrie as planned. Well, the end of finals came, and searching for a way to celebrate, I called my friend Willy. His first suggestion: go see Lord of the Rings. The offer was too tempting, so I took him up on it and thus broke my pledge. What do I have to say for myself? Wow! That movie rocked! Helm’s Deep rocked! Gollum rocked! The Ents really rocked! I can’t wait to see it again on Sunday.

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The last final period is over. All three finals are complete, and all my work is turned in. The semester is over. Also, I can now talk about my finals all I want. (In order to make the schedule-your-own final thing fair, we have to promise not to talk about them until after finals week is over.)

A funny thing happened the other day when I was taking my Christ & Salvation final. For one of my answers, I wanted to talk about how two things could be simultaneous, yet causally related, so I used an example from one of the books that we read for class. The example was turning on a light. The two events were flicking the light switch, and the light coming on. The events are simultaneous, yet causally related. As I was writing this, however, my inner physicist suddenly jumped out and started talking about how the events weren’t exactly simultaneous, and how the temporal measurement of events depends on the observer’s reference frame. Then he started drawing space-time diagrams. Since I had plenty of time left, I sat there patiently as my inner physicist lectured me on special relativity, and when he was done, I went on with my final.

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