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In today’s episode we enter the chat room as Jed, John, Wendy, and I are discussing cheap (read: free) Halloween costume possibilities for me.

Jed: get a big garbage bag, decorate it properly, and be a candy bar

Steve: hmmm…

John: Oh, I like that!

Steve: interesting

Jed: especially if you can find a girl interested in unwrapping you…

Wendy: yum chocolate

*blink blink*

Okay then. Be sure to tune in next time to… As the Chat Room Turns.

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The fine folks over at (makers of the web-comic The Joy of Tech) have outdone themselves once again. In the spirit of the Halloween season, Nitrozac and Snaggy have put their artistic talents to work carving pumpkins in the likenesses of famous Mac icons. Thus the Mac-O-Lanterns were born. Personalities such as switch ad star Ellen Feiss (my personal favorite, pictured below), Apple co-founder Steve “The Woz” Wozniak, and Microsoft monkey boy Steve Ballmer have all been sculpted in squash. Nitrozac has also posted a step-by-step carving tutorial so we can make our own Mac-O-Lanterns to enjoy this Halloween.

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James, Son of Joseph, Brother of Jesus

Its discovery has recently been published in Biblical Archaeology Review. It’s a limestone box known as an ossuary. Its function was to hold the bones of a deceased individual, though now it is empty. The inscription on the side is in Aramaic and reads, “James, Son of Joseph, Brother of Jesus”. It is, of course, these three names in the given relationship to one another which makes this find so striking. The inscription is in agreement with the biblical witness that Jesus’ adoptive father was named Joseph, and Jesus had a brother named James, who became a leader in the Jerusalem church. If the biblical James, Joseph, and Jesus are indeed the ones identified in this inscription, then this ossuary is the first physical evidence of Jesus to be found.

Ossuary burial was practiced between 20 BC and AD 70, which places the practice in the time period of the early church. In addition, according to the Jewish historian Josephus, James was executed in AD 62. Tests on the ossuary date it to the appropriate time period, and so have pointed towards its authenticity. The main question remaining is whether or not the individuals listed in the inscription are indeed the biblical James, Joseph, and Jesus. In the first century AD all three names were quite common, and so it’s certainly quite possible that the ossuary could have belonged to an entirely different James who happened to have a father named Joseph and a brother named Jesus. The current argument in favor of the biblical James is that it is very unusual to have a brother of the deceased listed in the inscription, and so it is hypothesized that a brother would only be listed if he were famous. Unfortunately, as is often the nature of archaeology, a conclusive argument is impossible, and so we may never know for sure which James was buried in this ossuary.

For more info, check out these links:
Biblical Archaeology Review – October 21, 2002 – October 21, 2002 – October 22, 2002

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1) What is your favorite scary movie?

Well, I don’t really watch the traditional scary movies. However, I found The Devil’s Advocate to be pretty scary when I first saw it.

2) What is your favorite Halloween treat?

Candy, duh! Oh wait, you probably want to know what kind of candy. I’m a big fan of Snickers… and M&M’s.

3) Do you dress up for Halloween? If so, describe your best Halloween costume.

I used to dress up for Halloween every year. One year I was Batman. That was pretty cool.
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Sent to me by my Dad, here’s a reminder not to give your pumpkins any alcohol this Halloween…

Drunk Pumpkin

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