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Well, if you read the previous post, you know that I was one of the first dozen people to enter the new Saint Louis West County Apple Store. The West County Apple Store is located on the second floor of the newly reopened Westfield Shoppingtown West County (otherwise known as the Holy Spirit mall due to the fact that the mall’s logo is a giant white dove). I left my apartment at 7:30 AM and arrived in front of the Apple Store at about 7:55 AM. I took my seat in the line which was forming along the front of a store still under construction and began reading in the company of my fellow Mac Addicts, many of whom had their laptops out and were connected to the net through the Apple Store’s Airport base station.

It was pretty amusing watching people walk by as the line grew and stretched down beyond at least 4 other storefronts. It was especially funny when people would ask one of us near the front of the line what the line was for. Since the mall just opened yesterday and is having special attractions all weekend, I guess the passers-by figured that with the line as long as it was, they must be missing something good. However, when one of us informed them that it was the line for the grand opening of the Apple Store and the only special was that the first 1000 people got free t-shirts, they would usually get a stupefied look on their face, respond with a simple, “oh”, and then continue on their way.
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Hi Everyone, I’m posting this from the brand new St. Louis Apple Store! I was one of the first dozen in the store. I’m at the video station typing this on a Titanium PowerBook G4. Everything looks fantastic. The excitment is incredible. More to come…

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1) Would you say that you’re good at keeping in touch with people?

Thanks to IM, I’m able to keep in touch with most of my friends. However, there are a handful that don’t seem to bother with IM, so I’m not so good with those.

2) Which communication method do you usually prefer/use: e-mail, telephone, snail mail, blog comments, or meeting in person? Why?

I’m all about the combination of IM and email. It’s fast and cheap.
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It’s Friday! And thanks to it’s time for five questions whose answers will allow you to peer deep into my soul. Or not.

1) What is your favorite subject in school? Why?

Oh my! Do I really have to pick one? Well, I really like Greek. However, I’ve really enjoyed learning about reformed theology in my theology classes too. And then there’s my preaching classes, which have been so challenging and beneficial. Hebrew has been fun too. Must I go on?
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Okay, does anyone else have the Go Go’s stuck in their head now?

My week of vacation between summer Hebrew and the Fall semester is now over, but I had a great time while it lasted. My Dad flew out last Friday, and then over the following few days we went to the Zoo, the Science Center, and handled a flat tire. All that kept us pretty busy, in a good way of course.

So have you ever been charged by a chimp? I have, and it’s really quite an experience.
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