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I just flew in from New York, and boy are my arms tired! Ba Dum Ching!

Seriously though, in the past several days I’ve been doing a lot of travel, and I am quite tuckered out.

This past Friday, I drove down to Nashville to visit my friend Megan, and go to the Cadaver Ball, her med school’s winter formal the following night. Megan also invited two other female friends of hers to go with us, so, from a certain perspective, I had three simultaneous dates to the dance! Of course I should probably mention that only one of them is actually unattached at the moment. In any case, Megan especially wanted me to meet her eligible friend, Amy, who also happens to be a seminarian, because she wanted to fix us up. I guess the “seminarian + seminarian = connection” equation makes sense. Everyone had a good time at the dance. I know I definitely enjoyed it. I’d even say it was better than my high school prom. (I hope you’re not expecting me to say anything more about Megan’s matchmaking, because that’s between me, myself, and I. :oP )

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