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For all those out there not keeping track, I just finished a fourth year of college, and so–surprise, surprise—I graduated (cum laude no less). This marks a major milestone in my life. I enjoyed my time at Franklin & Marshall very much. I made some very good friends, and I will take many fond memories with me. So now, with a BA in Chemistry (minor in Physics) under my belt, I head off into the vast unknown.

Okay, maybe it’s not so unknown. During my time in college I grew closer to God, and the direction of my life was clarified if ever so slightly. And so in the fall I head off to seminary. I don’t know where just yet, but I will probably end up at Covenant Theological Seminary, which is in St. Louis. My application is now complete, so I’m just waiting to be accepted. In the meantime, I will be spending the summer working for SPI Polyols, a chemical company in Delaware.

Besides gaining a clearing life direction, I also developed a stronger interest in computers (specifically Macs) while in college. I’m a self-proclaimed geek, and I hope to be able to use my techno-saavy in my future ministry. I’m currently interested in learning about networking computers, internet protocols, and using MacOS X as a web server. (e-mail me if you know any good resources for learning about these topics.) My immediate goal is have my own web and mail server, and then I might like to move into offering a web hosting service.

Getting back to the topic of graduation, I have one gripe about the commencement ceremony. Our speaker was Paul Leventhal, founder of the Nuclear Control Institute. Now, at least in my mind, commencement speakers ought to give nice, uncontroversial “good luck, go get ’em” speeches where they pass on anecdotal advice about living in the real world. Instead, Mr. Leventhal, in quintessential politician style, used the commencement speech as an opportunity to further his political agenda by giving a one-sided lecture on the evils of nuclear power. Let me be absolutely clear that whether or not I agree with Mr. Leventhal’s opinions is not the issue at hand. What I object to is that he turned MY commencement ceremony into a self-serving political soapbox. That was in very poor taste.

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