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Microsoft has created an ingenious new marketing method: make fun of your old products! After looking at, it would seem that the key selling point of the upcoming Office XP is that it lacks that annoying paper clip assistant slash demon spawn. Is Office XP faster? More efficient? Less bloated? Who cares! It doesn’t have Clippit! Where do I sign up?

Office XP’s advertisement campaign may be centered on the fact that it has at least one less feature, but it is, admittedly, insanely funny! Go ahead and check out the site. Go to the download section and you can watch some flash movies featuring Clippit, voiced by none other than Gilbert Gottfried, getting verbally and physically abused! After you stop ROTFL, roll your mouse over the navigation bar on the left and see Clippit say funny things, including the infamous “All your base are belong to us!”

All Your Clippy

I think I’ve heard it said that it’s good for you to be able to laugh at yourself. I guess that goes for companies as well. Thanks for the laugh, Bill. Now where’s my OS X version of Office?

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