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What you say?

If you’ve been cruising around any internet forums lately, you’ve probably seen the infamous phrase above. So just what does it mean? Back in ’89, Toaplan, an asian software company, released the arcade game “Zero Wing”. A couple years later it was ported to the Sega Genesis system. The company eventually decided to release the game in English speaking regions, but apparently could not afford a decent translator. The result was an intro sequence that is nigh incoherent. Now, for some reason, internet forum denizens recently picked up on this oddity, and a highly contagious fad was born.

The Intro Sequence

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All Your Base Are Belong To Us!!!

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Last night (eastern time) Steve Jobs took the stage at MacWorld Tokyo to do another of his famous dog and pony shows… er… keynote addresses. Looking at the rundown at MacCentral he pretty much just went through the MacWorld San Francisco material, made a couple minor announcements about price decreases and software updates, and then unveiled the new iMac revision. If you don’t know what happened at MacWorld SF, watch the Quicktime stream. The real news is the new iMac.

Blue DalmatianFlower Power
Images courtesy Apple Computer, Inc.

The pictures above show off the new flavors (Blue Dalmatian and Flower Power, respectively) that Apple has come up with. The design is actually embedded in the case during the injection molding process. However, Steve Jobs and his industrial design team (headed by Jonathan Ive) must have been dropping acid when they designed these things! They look like something straight out of a bad hallucination. Then again, maybe something even more sinister than bad drugs is at work here. Perhaps Steve Jobs has been kidnapped and replaced by an evil clone. How else can you explain the fact the he gave the keynote wearing a jacket and tie instead of his trademark black turtleneck and jeans? That’s just plain out of character for our favorite iCEO.

While we wait for more evidence to surface, we’ll put all speculation about alien abduction aside, and move on to more certain matters. In the course of upgrading the technical specifications of the iMac line, Apple has moved to offering just three performance tiers rather than four, and has disposed of the DV, DV+, and DV SE designations. Also, the new iMacs are still available in the more traditional Indigo and Graphite colors.

In other news from Tokyo, iTunes, Apple’s hit mp3 player/encoder/manager, has been updated to version 1.1 and now supports many third party CD-R(W) drives. I’m pleased to report that my CD-RW drive is among those, so, as soon as I get some time, I’ll be sure to start working on an ultimate love mix CD.

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Greetings All! If you’ve been here before, you’re probably noticing that some things have changed. Do not adjust your monitor because I have indeed redesigned my site. Welcome to The Steve Zone 2001 version 1.1! I may make some more changes in the coming days, weeks, months, etc. depending on when I get a bit of extra time.

For the benefit of the newcomers, forgetful, and unobservant here’s a list of the things I’ve changed.

  • New Logo for 2001!
  • New colors!
  • Left side bar organized and categorized!
  • Added right side bar containing Bible Search!
  • Photo Gallery moved to separate page!
  • Added Captain’s Log!

That’s it for today. Enjoy your stay, and check back often.

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